Monday, September 6, 2010

We Don"t See Clearly

An eerie glimpse of silence

Winds gush and talk in whispers

Memories ignite the forgotten violence

Our people traumatized by sharp clippers

It is clear we must opt for peace and self-reliance.

Images of yester years intertwine

History loses its meaningful rendition

Cursed with dripping blood and consigned

To a fruitless and leaderless expedition

It is clear we have failed to bind.

Opportunities we have let resign

Decisions constructed on shaky premises

Chalets of hypocrisy and limited design

Our choices expand ferociously into nemesis

It is clear we have been left behind.

Pockets of murmuring diffuse frequently

Sadness and grief contaminate souls

Misfortune and mishaps face us daily

A place of wealthy and natural abode

It is astonishing we don’t see clearly.

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